Title Running Highlights

Abbott World Marathon Majors: A Six Star Journey                         This special group of accomplished athletes have displayed strength, endurance, and competitive spirit to complete six of the largest and renowned marathons.                                                                                 As a sponsor, Abbott celebrates all that people can achieve with good health. This spirit has driven them for 130 years to continually innovate new breakthroughs for better health.They have created life-changing technologies to help individuals be their healthiest for all of life's marathons.

*  London Marathon 2018
*  Tokyo Marathon 2018
*  Boston Marathon 2017
*  Berlin Marathon 2017
*  Chicago Marathon 2017
*  New York City Marathon 2017
  Light at the End of the Tunnel 2016
  Soaring Eagle Trail Marathon 2016
  Tacoma City Marathon 2016
  Honolulu Marathon 2015
  New York Marathon 2014 & 2015
  Tacoma City Marathon 2014 & 2015
  Light at the End of the Tunnel 2015
  Vashon Island 50K Ultra-Marathon 2014